Who We Are:

A team of passionate photographers, cosplayers, and pop-culture fanatics looking to give back to the community they love! We at Mahou Photo aim to provide high quality studio photography for free to event attendees.

What We Do:

We partner with conventions to bring high quality studio photography to attandees for free.
We provide our own equipment which includes:


  • 10' x 20' Photo Backdrop

  • Professional Lighting

    • 3 softboxes + flash

  • Camera

  • On-site Editing

    • consists of editing station, and monitors for preview

  • Full team of photographers, editors, and booth staff

  • All other supplies and equipment to set up our booth space


For inquiries on working with us  and having us attend your

event, please fill out the contact form below!

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Our Team:


Co-founder / Manager


Co-founder / Manager

Plus our team of event staff:

Fionna, Melanie, Nicole, Hayley, Carina,

Olivia, Patrick, Ariel, Andrew

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